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Jamboreeka Update

With Jamboreeka less than 4 weeks away, we wanted you to know we’re smiling seeing your comments, sharing of our posts, and your enthusiasm about bringing the fireworks show back to Eureka Springs. We’ve been working hard at creating this free admission, family-friendly event that helps our community and visitors come together to celebrate Independence Day and Eureka’s 144th birthday. In the spirit of transparency, we wanted to share the behind-the-scenes collaboration and progress to make this event happen. Eureka Springs Parks and Recreation has been working closely with City Hall, CAPC, the Chamber of Commerce, Public Works, Police, Fire and EMS, the Community Center, and local businesses and vendors who have stepped up as monetary and in-kind sponsors, and service providers. We appreciate the cost-sharing between City groups, and the cost-covering by sponsors and vendors, and the offers to help us out with manpower, volunteers, and promotion of the event that are all so wonderfully supportive. Without naming names in this post (we’ll do that in a separate post), we were blown away when two vendors told us they are donating ALL sales at the event back to Eureka Springs Parks and Recreation. Incredible, right?! This kind of generosity, collaboration, and ‘we’re better together’ attitude puts us in a great place to cover the lions share of expenses and pull off the best Jamboreeka we can. Beyond covering expenses, any monies received from donations, selling raffle tickets to win an e-bike, charging $5 for 3 throws at the dunk tank, selling the official “Jamboreeka” t-shirts (design to be revealed soon!) and other shirts and stickers will go directly back to the maintenance and care of the Parks. We can’t wait to celebrate with you at Jamboreeka on Sunday, July 2 starting at 5:00pm at the Lake Leatherwood Ball Fields. See you there!

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