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Bark Park Rules Reminder

In the last month we have been made aware of a number of comments regarding some folks who are not adhering to the Bark Park rules.

The dog park rules are listed on the signs that are clearly posted. As a reminder, we're calling out some of the rules here.

1) Big dogs (over 30 lbs.) must use the Big Dog park. Small dogs must use the Small Dog park. By not following this rule, you are limiting your neighbor's ability to use the dog park.

2) You must be with your dog(s) in the fenced in areas at all times. You are not permitted to bring your dog(s) to the Bark Park and leave them unattended for any period of time.

3) You must pick up your dog's poop. Bags are provided. Please use them and dispose of them properly.

4) No one is permitted to park in front of the gate. It's a big parking lot, please park in the appropriate areas.

5) If you spot someone not adhering to the rules, please call the Parks office at 253-2866 to report it. The main office is generally open from 8-5 Monday-Friday. If it's after business hours, our staff isn't in the office or it's on the weekend, call the Police Department at 253-8666 and they will reach out to the Animal Control Officer.

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